Welcome to the FUENTES Blog, set up with the aim of extending and presenting information about the finer points of Bluefin Tuna. And at the helm of our ship, Hiroshi Umi, a tuna sensei (wise man) and culinary critic, who will be guiding us through the fascinating world of Bluefin Tuna. Anchors away.

Cartagenasia: when the capital of Japan is Cartagena

A logbook by Sensei Hiroshi Umi. Geography can deceive. Or at least prove capricious. For the first time in history, and for just four days, Cartagena is not lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean, but the waters of more distant and exoti...

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Japanese tuna lingo: no more “lost in translation”

Whether traders, tourists, explorers, evangelists of all stripes, calligraphers, gourmets, adventurers, sailors or intrepid backpackers, all those who have ended up in my country recount on their return that their journey to the land of the...

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Cabaña Buenavista: an inland sea for bluefin tuna

A logbook by Sensei Hiroshi Umi. As if Robinson Crusoe had deliberately confined himself to his island. Like a shipwrecked sailor aiming to sink in an archipelago of talent and exploration far from everything, but close to his patrons. From...

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The almadraba through japanese eyes

A logbook by Sensei Hiroshi Umi. Today the easterly wind has chosen to treat us kindly. Almost like a caress. The morning lulls the sea, which has scarcely shaken off its slumbers, lending it an unusual and alarming docility. All is ready a...

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Tuna eyes: the ultimate delicacy

A logbook by Sensei Hiroshi Umi. In my homeland they call it mebachi, for biologists it is Thunnus obesus, and in the waters of Spain it is known locally as patudo. And we have fished it out for the blog because it has another name which pe...

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Healthy Menu with Fuentes bluefin tuna

As we all know, bluefin tuna has for centuries been a notable feature of Mediterranean diet, thanks to its numerous health-giving properties. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of its key features. It is also rich in minerals such as selenium, pho...

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