For 10 people

1100 g bluefin tuna morrillo
100 g garlic
600 g onion
10 bay leaves
750 ml olive oil
500 ml white wine
650 ml wine vinegar
5 g black peppercorns

Bluefin tuna noten in escabeche

Its intense flavour makes it the obscure object of desire of Haute Cuisine. The morrillo is a cut which covers the back of the head, and stands out for its succulence, and the balance between meat and fat. Characteristics which make it the perfect choice for all kinds of recipes, from straightforward grilling or salting, to a range of more elaborate casseroles.

It is also ideal to serve in escabeche. And today we will in fact be learning how to prepare the perfect “bluefin tuna morrillo in escabeche”.


Place the oil, the onion cut into julienne, a pinch of salt, the unpeeled garlic cloves and black peppercorns into a casserole. Cook over a moderate heat for 10 minutes, and add the white wine vinegar. Simmer over a moderate heat to reduce for 35 minutes. Test to check if it is well reduced. Salt the morrillo and add it to the simmering escabeche.

Cook for 8 minutes and set aside. Allow it to cool in the escabeche.

It is important to leave the tuna in the escabeche for at least 24 hours.


Remove the tuna from the escabeche and slice off a portion of approximately 100g. Leave for 20 minutes to reach room temperature. Place a slice of the tuna on a plate, with the onion from the escabeche on top, together with a garlic clove and bay leaf. Pour over the well-blended escabeche as a sauce.