200 g bluefin tuna back loin
200 g beef entrecôte
300 g  soy sauce
150 g Mirim
600 g rice vinegar
10 g ginger
100 g mayonnaise
25 g chipotle adobo paste
8 cherry tomatoes
40 g mozarella
20 g capers

1 tbsp shoots

The meat that would be tuna


Meat or fish? Anyone who can’t make their mind up will be delighted with this recipe, which features bluefin tuna back loin and beef entrecôte. Impressive!

Begin by making a marinade with the soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirim and grated ginger, all mixed together well.

Cut a rectangular piece of bluefin back loin around 12 cm long by 5 cm wide. Do the same with the entrecôte.

Marinade the tuna and meat for 12 hours. Once the time is up, remove from the marinade, dry, and sear on all sides in a hot frying pan. Set aside.

Mix the mayonnaise with the chipotle paste and cut the cherry tomatoes in half or quarters, depending on their size. Fry the capers in a strong oil

and tear the mozzarella into pieces.


Place a smear of chipotle sauce on the base of the plate. Cut the tuna and meat into half-centimetre slices. Interleave three slices of tuna and three of meat on top of the mayonnaise. Place the cherry tomato, torn mozzarella and fried capers on top, and finish off with the shoots.