400 g heart
45 g salt
1 l water
20 ml sake
100 ml  Yakiniku sauce
3 g ginger
10 g green spring onion shoots

Coriander leaves

Charcoal-grilled bluefin tuna heart


The heart used to be one of the “leftover” parts of the bluefin tuna that the fishermen kept for themselves, but has now become a fashionable ingredient in the most innovative haute cuisine. Its intensely dark colour, richly meaty texture and powerful flavour have already caught the attention of numerous chefs.

This recipe first of all requires the heart to be soaked in a brine mixture for 12 hours.

Once the time is up, peel the heart to remove the outer layer, and dice evenly.

Use the sake, Yakiniku sauce and ginger to make a marinade. Marinade the diced heart for 12 hours to let the flavour soak in.

Thread onto the skewers.

Cut the spring onion diagonally into rings and place in iced water to make it nice and crunchy.

To Serve

Cook the skewers over a Japanese charcoal grill, and once they are done, garnish with a few rings of the spring onion and torn coriander leaves.