Serves 4
3 Tuna backbones
100 g Cod tripe
1 Fresh butifarra sausage
200 g White beans
5 g Coriander
200 g Tuna
5 g Ginger
10 g Ham fat
25 g Brioche
10 cl Milk
1 Pig’s trotter
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1/2 Leek
1 Head of celery
5 Garlic cloves
3 Tuna backbones
100 g Cod tripe
1 Fresh butifarra sausage
200 g White beans

Tuna, cod tripe and butifarra sausage meatballs

With tuna, even the spine has value. The fact is that both the bone and the meat from around the tuna backbone offer intriguing culinary uses. The synovial fluid can be extracted from the bone, an ingredient with a mild flavour and highly distinctive texture, perfect for eating raw or for making sauces.
Meanwhile, meat taken from the central part of the spine is particularly tasty thanks to its high blood content, and is suitable for any recipe that calls for minced tuna.

Today we try tuna backbone in these delicious tuna, cod tripe and butifarra sausage meat balls.


Brown the tuna backbones and pig’s trotters, add the vegetables and make a broth. Simmer for two hours, strain, and reduce by half.


Chop up the tuna and ham fat. Soak the brioche in the milk and mix with the coriander and ginger. Add salt and pepper to taste.


When the broth is well reduced, boil the sausage. Once cooked, remove and slice.

Use the same broth to cook the meatballs for 5 minutes, add the cod tripe and cook for another 2 minutes together with the butifarra sausage.

Serve with boiled white beans.


Place the meatballs on a plate, with the beans and sausage alongside. Spread the sauce generously around the plate.